Hello, and thanks for visiting! A couple of months ago a good friend nominated me in one of those Facebook challenges you may have seen doing the rounds - 7 black and white photos over 7 days from your ordinary life, excluding people and pets, posted without explanation. I accepted the challenge, and enjoyed the process so much that I was soon wondering how I could extend it. This blog is my answer. The photos won't always be in black and white - I've long understood how important colour is to me - but I plan to adhere to the other rules of the challenge for a full 365 days and, in doing so, tell the story of the next year in my life. Knowing how I struggle with discipline, especially self-discipline, I imagine this process will throw up quite a few challenges for me but hopefully that will all be part of the growing and learning process. There will be little or no explanation posted, though I'll be happy to chat in the comments, and I hope you find something here to enjoy.